DoD Takes Aim at the Real Enemy - Late 90's Alt-Rock

The Department of Defense is known for its mission to keep our nation safe. Apparently, that now extends to protecting our nation's ears from late-90s alt-rock.

Turns out, an internal memo was issued on February 14th that bans anyone playing Creed, Nickelback, Slipknot, Smash Mouth, and Korn in the command post. Geoffrey Ingersoll, a reporter with the Marine Times and Business Insider, tweeted out the internal memo titled "Banned Playing of Terrible 'Rock Groups'". 

With some portions of the memo blurred out, it's hard to tell if it's actually official or just a joke that's going viral, but then again, it's pretty normal for people to hate Creed and Nickelback and the impulse to keep people from having to suffer through Scott Stapp's crooning out 'Higher' is probably a mercy to most. 

And while the world has long harbored hate for Nickelback, some of the other choices on the list are sure to raise a few eyebrows. 

To be sure, Korn fans will be outraged to be included on the same list as Canada's greatest shame. Presumably Lit, Toad the Wet Sproket and Jamiroquai are still allowed on the command post's playlist. 

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