CA democrats want more health care for illegal aliens

Last year California decided that children without legal status could be covered by the state health care system, but now democrats are trying to expand that coverage to include young illegal alien adults.

Just like Sen. Ricardo "Cow Fart" Lara's single-payer health care idea, this new program has no specifics. It's unclear when it would start, and it's unclear how much the state would spend if approved by Jerry Brown.  

It could cost up to $85 million a year. Do we sense more taxes coming?

The plan would provide full coverage to 19-to-26-year-olds who qualify for Medi-Cal. Right now the federally funded program only covers emergency room visits and prenatal care for illegal immigrants.

Under the new proposal, revenue from taxes on tobacco products would take care of expenses for all other coverage.

 Anthony Wright is executive director of Health Access California, a health care consumer group backing the idea. He says this is ultimately about insuring all illegal immigrants, both children and adults:

“We believe without coverage people are sicker, die younger and are one emergency away from financial ruin. It has consequences for their families and their communities—both health and financial consequences."

Undocumented children in the program now would not age out at 19. Instead they would be able to stay on their parents' insurance under Obamacare until they hit 26-years-old.

Read more about it at the L.A. Daily News.

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