How to Tell if It's a Boyfriend or a Hook-Up.

the boyfriend test

So... how can you tell if someone you are seeing is a potential boyfriend or just a hook-up?

An article on Psychology Today suggests that time is the best way to learn the "true intentions," of our partners.

There are, however, three signs that could help you figure out if your partner is the real deal or a fling.

1- Doesn't always expect affection to lead to sex.

          - When you are in a real relationship with someone, sex is not the only way to express caring and love. According to an article from Psychology today, "true love lasts beyond the physical pleasure of sex."

2- He wants you to meet his friends.

          - If he introduces you to his family and friends, then this is a good sign. This can mean that he sees you as someone who could be a serious partner. Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein says that "if you are not introduced to at least someone in his or her circle within four months, that is not an encouraging sing."

3- He includes you in future plans.

          - Being included in future plans is very important. If a partner includes you in his/her future plans, then this is a good sign--if they do not include you--it might be a sign that they do not want anything serious. Why? Well--being part of another person's life means they are including you and taking you seriously. 

Now.. Dr. Wendy asks, "Is he keeping in regular contact and having real conversations?," Listen to today's show to find out what she thinks. 

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