Redondo Beach Police Assist Teen with 'Epic Promposal'

The Redondo Beach Police Department has gone above and beyond for two teenagers heading to prom this year. 

Jazmine Woods, an intern with the Redondo Beach Police Department had the most 'epic prom proposal of all time' thanks to the department's help. 

The RBPD pulled Woods over and asked their intern to exit her vehicle and walk backwards toward the cruiser. 

At the same time, her would-be suitor, Parker Scott, exited the police cruiser holding up flowers and a sign that asked Woods to prom. Woods turned around and squealed in delight when she saw Parker. 

The RBPD posted the "felony stop" promposal to their Instagram page (@redondobeachpd). 

Woods' answer isn't seen on the video, but it seems pretty likely she said 'yes.' A second photo was posted to the department's account with the smiling couple's arms around each other. 

Here's hoping no one pulls them over on Prom night. 

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