"Road Diets" are here, and more are coming

L.A. leaders don't want you driving. They want to force you out of your car and onto public transportation. Bike to work, walk to work, take the bus to work...

That doesn't work in Southern California! Eric Garcetti says his Vision Zero Plan is about reducing traffic deaths. What the plan really does is make it harder for people to drive by removing lanes and adding bike lanes.

So now "Road Diets" are popping up around town. Most recently Vista Del Mar road was changed from having two lanes in each direction to just one lane in each direction. This change has ruined people's commutes from the South Bay and is causing major traffic snarls and headaches.

There are a few groups trying to take on Councilman Mike Bonin and Mayor Eric Garcetti over this nonsense. One of these groups is Keep Vista Del Mar Open.  Karla Mendelson is with the group and lives in Manhattan Beach.  She explained how the "road diet" has impacted people's lives:

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