Polanski Victim Asks Judge to Drop Case

The woman sexually assaulted by fugitive film director Roman Polanski when she was 13-years-old in 1977 - told a judge in Downtown L.A. she'd like the case against Polanski to be dismissed.

Samantha Geimer said she thought Polanski, whom she referred to as, "Roman," had been treated poorly by prosecutors and judges.

"I felt that it was unfair and it was being handled improperly," she said. "I have wished for resolution since that day."

She testified at a brief hearing Friday during which Polanski's defense attorney, Harland Braun, again tried to convince a judge to dismiss the criminal case without Polanski having to serve any additional jail time. 

Polanski fled to Europe in 1978 when he said he feared the judge at the time would ignore a plea bargain and would sentence him to serve years in prison.

Braun insists the L.A. County District Attorney's Office promised the sentence would be no longer than a few weeks.

Prosecutors Friday objected to any discussion of closing the case while Polanski remains a fugitive.

Later Geimer told reporters the assault wasn't as bad as people believed, and she thought Polanski had already paid the price.

"It just wasn't as traumatic for me as everybody would like to believe it was," Geimer said. 

"I was a young, sexually active teenager and it was a scary thing but it was not an uncommon thing," she said. 

"I just was not as traumatized as everyone thinks I should have been."

"I was sure he had instantly regretted what he had done and wished it hadn't happened," she said.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon thanked Geimer for her testimony and said he would issue a written ruling.

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