Next Stop LA: Family Travels to U.S. Washing Dogs and Saving Lives

First impressions are a major factor when it comes to pet adoption.

However, less than half of dogs going into shelters aren't receiving the grooming they need so while they may have star personalities, most people don't see beyond the unkempt fur.

One family has decided to help the pups look their best with their Bathe to Save Tour.

The Amos family, originally from Australia, is headed by parents Anthony and Rachel.

They take their three children all over the country to bathe dogs and raise awareness and money to support shelters so more dogs can find their forever homes. 

The family is making their way to the United States and their LA event is coming up on Sunday June 11th.

 Admission is FREE and open to the public and visitors can expect:

  • Dog washes powered by Wahl pet shampoos, to raise money for local shelters

  • Speed Dating Dog Adoption Event – Hosted by Larry King

  • Animal Talent Show

  • Food, Entertainment and more

Learn more about the Bathe to Save Tour on their website HERE and follow them on Facebook and on Twitter.

Jennifer also had the chance to interview Anthony this morning on Wake Up Call. Listen below!

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