More than half of California's registered voters oppose the gas tax

A new survey from UC Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies reveals that California voters overwhelmingly oppose the new gas tax shoved down our throats by Jerry Brown and our democratic legislators.

SB 1 is a $52 billion tax meant for fixing our roads, but the money will not go to actually repairing and expanding roads. The money will go to the democrats' pet projects.  All kinds of shady deals were made to pass this thing.

 58% of voters oppose SB 1, including 39% who say they strongly reject the bill. Just 35% favor the legislation.

 Poll director Mark DiCamillo boils it down to this - people just don't like having their taxes raised:

“When you are reaching into somebody’s pocket for more money, people start to pay attention and get alarmed."

It's especially alarming to know that the money is going to leaders who don't know how to spend it properly and use it for their twisted agendas.

You think Sen. Ricardo "Cow Fart" Lara will try to steal some of the money to fund his state run healthcare plan? That's another crazy idea that must be stopped.

This is why we need to recall Sen. Josh Newman (D-Fullerton)! If we can pick him off, we can end the Democratic majority and make it harder for Sacrament to keep pushing these nutty taxes through.

Click here to read more and see video of Josh Newman from the Sacramento Bee.

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