Eric Leonard reports: L.A. Judge to Consider Roman Polanski Case

A judge in Los Angeles was scheduled to hear another request Tuesday from the attorney representing fugitive film director Roman Polanski, who's been trying to secure his return to the United States without the threat of additional prison time.

Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon denied a motion earlier this month that could have credited Polanski with enough jail time to satisfy a sentence allegedly promised in a 1977 plea bargain.

In that deal Polanski admitted to a felony charge of unlawful sex with a minor and claimed the original judge promised no more than a few weeks in prison.

Polanski fled to Europe when -- he claimed -- that same judge threatened to back out of the agreed prison term and send Polanski to prison for decades.

Polanski's defense attorney Harland Braun has asked Judge Gordon to unseal some records that could back up Polanski's claim that he was treated unfairly by the original judge.

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