Victim in Polanski Case to Appear in Court

Roman Polanski Trial In Krakow

The defense lawyer for Roman Polanski said he will try again Friday to resolve a 40-year-old sexual assault case without the fugitive film director having to serve any additional time in prison.

Attorney Harland Braun, who tried unsuccessfully earlier this year to convince a judge to give Polanski jail credit for time served on house arrest overseas, said the victim in the case will personally ask the judge to end the matter.

"She wants this case over, it's been 40 years," Braun said.

Polanski has been trying to clear the arrest warrant stemming from his 1977 guilty plea to unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl.

The hearing Friday centers on Braun's effort to unseal the transcript of a private hearing during which the original prosecutor on the case discussed plea negotiations.

Braun claims the transcript will prove the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office promised in 1978 that Polanski would be sentenced to only a few weeks in prison.

Polanski fled to Europe after -- he's said -- he feared the judge would not honor the plea bargain and would sentence Polanski to decades in prison.

In April a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ruled Polanski must appear in court - in person - before he would discuss resolving the case.

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