UC will pay up to $595 an hour for audit investigation

Credit: Getty Images

The University of California is going to pay up to $210,000 for an independent investigation into the audit that uncovered Janet Napolitano's secret $175 million fund, as well as tampering with a survey sent to UC campuses that was supposed to be confidential.

Mercury News reports:

"UC will pay the law firm Hueston Hennigan 'at the blended rates of $595 per hour for partners and $395 for associates. Your total fees are not to exceed $165,000 for this matter, without prior written approval.' The firm will contract with former California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno 'at an additional fee not to exceed $45,000.'"

Even though the audit uncovered Napolitano's blatant corruption, the UC regents still back her.  Why?!

Why do they all sit around and pat each other on the back like this? All while screwing students and their families.

The UC system is just like Sacramento and Washington, D.C. 

It's a disgusting swamp.

Read more at Mercury News.

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