Tony Villar gaining ground in Governor's race

Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villaraigosa Speaks About Improving Education In California

Right now Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom leads early polls in the upcoming California Governor's race, but his lead is getting smaller as dopey Tony Villar has somehow found a way to gain ground.

A new survey released yesterday from UC Berkeley found that 22% of likely voters support Newsom, that's down from 28% in March. Villar got bumped up 6 points to 17%.

Better watch yourself, Gavin!

Newsom's campaign hasn't commented on the latest numbers, and Villar's team kept cool about his jump in the polls. They just said it was "encouraging."

You know they're rubbing their hands with excitement.

Eric Jaye, one of Villar's strategists, told Mercury News:

“Antonio Villaraigosa is not watching poll numbers... [he's] staying focused on his statewide effort to create millions more high-wage jobs, improve our schools and colleges so every child has an equal chance to succeed, and to give voice to every Californian — particularly the millions who are still left out or left behind.”

Ha! Sure he is.  

Read more at Mercury News.

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