Michael Crozier - Anchor, The Tim Conway Jr. Show

Photo: Michael Crozier

Despite his youthful appearance, Michael Crozier, aka “Cro” is an old-timer at KFI. 

He started at KFI/KOST IN 1988 and quickly became a board operator for numerous shows including Dick Clark, Dr. Marilyn Kagan, Mr. KFI, and Phil Hendrie during the 90’s. 

He also performed and co-wrote many parody songs with Producer Dick Cabeza for The Bill Handel Show. 

After iHeart (Clearchannel-AMFM) took over KFI/KOST and added a few more stations, Michael briefly moved over to Talk Radio AM570 KLAC and became Assistant Program Director/Jack Of All Trades, including board operator for Michael Jackson, a talk show pioneer. 

KLAC transitioned to the Fabulous 570 for a couple years, playing the music from the Rat Pack era. 

Alas, KFI came calling again and Cro has been in the anchor chair for KFI News since the mid 2000’s, finally becoming the permanent news anchor nightly for The Tim Conway Jr. Show.

Follow Michael on Instagram @iheartcrozier

Email Michael: michaelcrozier@iHeartMedia.com

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