LA Drafts Rules for "Fun" Marijuana Sales


The City of Los Angeles has released a list of proposed regulations for businesses that want to sell recreational marijuana.

State law will allow “fun sales” beginning in January, 2018, and the City Council says these rules will try to balance the demand for legal sales with the concerns of the community.

“We have to take the chaos that has been in existence and come up with a system that can be regulated, that can be safe, and that will work for everybody,” said Councilman Bob Blumenfield.

The rules would put strict limits on a business’s operating hours and appearance. They would also require intensive security measures that include high-definition, internet-connected video surveillance, interior and exterior lighting bright enough to identify every person’s face and clothing, and a monitored alarm system.

The City also plans to require businesses to keep detailed employee and sales records – and make the records available to City inspection during regular business hours.

The United Cannabis Business Association said in a prepared statement it supported the City’s efforts.

“We are pleased that the City listened and considered the wealth of experience that long-standing legal operators bring to the table,” said UCBA vice president Javier Montes.

The City will hold hearings to get input from the public and prospective business owners over the next few months before the regulations are finalized.

The draft regulations can be read here.

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