LA County Sheriff McDonnell Sued By Former Assistant

(File photo: Eric Leonard)

Former Los Angeles County assistant sheriff Todd Rogers has sued Sheriff Jim McDonnell, alleging he was forced out of the department after reporting – what he claimed was a bribery attempt.

The lawsuit says someone close to McDonnell urged Rogers to drop out of the election to replace ex-Sheriff Lee Baca, and promised Rogers would be promoted to under sheriff in return.

Later, the case claims Rogers suffered workplace retaliation, was marginalized in the Sheriff’s Department’s executive structure, and was forced to retire.

A spokeswoman for McDonnell said the Department had not yet reviewed the lawsuit, but said in a short written statement, “Sheriff McDonnell strongly denies any of the allegations.”

Rogers’ attorney did not return messages.

Rogers dropped his candidacy and endorsed McDonnell in 2014, and according to the complaint, reported the alleged bribery to the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office about a year later.

Prosecutors declined to pursue an investigation, citing a lack of evidence that could verify Rogers’ claim, according to a District Attorney’s Office memo reported by the Los Angeles Times.

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