Driving your friend to LAX might be getting easier

We all know how terrible it is trying to get in and out of LAX. In fact, the quickest way to measure your friendship with someone in Los Angeles is seeing if your friend is willing to drive or pick you up at LAX. 

Why? Because it's a hassle. It's confusing and it's congested. The problems often have tourists and even some locals scratching their heads as they try to get in or out of the largest airports in the nation. 

Thankfully, some Los Angeles leaders want to change that. The City Council has approved a comprehensive multi-billion dollar plan which is supposed to reduce traffic and congestion at Los Angeles International airport. 

The centerpiece of the plan is a new 'Rent-A-Car Center' that will bring nearly two dozen car rental offices under one roof. A people mover will be included to help eliminate the need for shuttles to the rental car offices. The only thing left for the project is environmental approval. 

Here's hoping that in the future you won't have to break friendships or the bank on shuttles just to get to your flight on time. 

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