Amy King - Host, Wake Up Call / News Anchor, The BIll Handel Show

Photo: Kube, Michelle (uploader)

Amy King is the host of Wake Up Call and News Anchor for the Bill Handel Show. Back in 2001, she joined KFI and started working the Saturday afternoon shift, soon she was filling in on all shifts and eventually became the go-to fill-in before taking the Monday and Friday anchor shift with Gary & Shannon.

Outside work, Amy loves to travel and after being stuck at home for two years is excited to hit the road again. She recently experienced the wonders of Kenya, Tanzania, and the Galapagos Islands.  She loves taking weekend trips to Las Vegas and says she’s responsible for keeping the lights on through her contributions to the casinos. Her two favorite things in Southern California are D & D: Disneyland and Dodger Games. 

Amy is also on a mission to get everyone 45+ to get a colonoscopy (we know it’s an odd thing to advocate for, but having recently beaten colon cancer, she has become a big believer in catching and killing the Big C before it kills you) Amy is also a successful voice-over actor and likes to say that if you listen to her, she can get you anywhere in the world, which is true, because she is the voice of WAZE!

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