LA Teen Killed Two Days Before His Graduation

A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed while walking with friends just two days before he was set to graduate from high school.

Favian Nunez was with three friends early yesterday morning when the gunfire broke out.

LAPD Detective David Cortez says;

“Someone has said there was a suspicious car that was cruising around in the neighborhood. The four juveniles were hanging out when someone parked in the alley straight across from where they were standing.”

Police say a man dressed in dark clothes exited the vehicle and approached Nunez and his friends.

The group fled in different directions and the gunman fired off several rounds at Nunez before eventually returning to his car and leaving.

No one else in the group was injured.

Authorities say the shooting appears to be gang related, but there was nothing indicating Nunez was actually involved in a gang. 

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