Television news reporter arrested and fired after cursing out Philly Cop

A television reporter was fired after video of her verbally abusing an officer outside of a Philadelphia comedy club surfaced. Colleen Campbell was kicked out of Helium for whispering too loudly throughout the show. Comedian Wil Sylvince uploaded a video of Campbell which included footage of her spitting in another employees face and cursing at the peaceful officer. 

Campbell later issued an apology and said she only had one drink and believes she was drugged:

“I wanna apologize to the officer. I don’t remember the whole altercation at all. I remember feeling attacked. I would never talk like that. It was like watching a whole different me.”

Campbell says she deleted all of her social media because she was getting death threats. The former television news reporter was charged with resisting arrest, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

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