Democratic Operatives Aggressively Harass Voters in Signature Drive

From Carl DeMaio at our sister station KOGO-AM in San Diego:

Governor Jerry Brown has transferred $100,000 into a campaign fund to block the Recall of a California State Senator who cast the deciding vote in the recent car and gas tax hikes.

The money is being used to hire “blockers” – paid operatives who are assigned to seek out and stand in front of signature gatherers carrying the recall petition in an attempt to disrupt their ability to explain to voters what the petition is all about.

New videos capture the aggressive, rude, and intimidating tactics the “blockers” are using.

The blockers intentionally try to create a hostile environment by yelling and screaming at signature gatherers and any voters who show even the slightest interest in signing the petition. The blocker knows that confrontation and creating scenes repels members of the public who are just trying to shop in peace.

In one instance, a blocker flips the bird to a signature gatherer after a profanity-laced tirade.

In another instance, a blocker repeatedly harasses a voter who is interested in signing the petition. The voter, a Democrat, repeatedly asks the blocker to stop harassing her and to “get out of my space.” The blocker even admits “I know you asked me to stay away from you…” before once again harassing her over her interest in signing the petition.

(Video Credit: San Diego Gay and Lesbian News)

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