Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez demands response from AG Becerra over possible gas tax bribes

Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) sent a follow-up letter to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, demanding that he respond to her request for an investigation into possibly illegal quid pro quo vote trading in order to pass the massive gas tax hike.

She said:

“I understand the Attorney General has many matters that need his attention, but a request from a state legislator pertaining to a matter of such significance should warrant his immediate attention. The Attorney General needs to reassess his priorities, forgo his political posturing with the administration in Washington, D.C., and protect the taxpayers by looking into this matter.”

The same day SB 1 was brought to a vote, SB 132 and 426 were changed with language from the "deals" struck to win over certain legislators' votes.

That's what really goes on in Sacramento. The creeps who raise our taxes bribe each other to get what they want. Disgusting.

Assemblywoman Melendez joined us this afternoon to talk about her call for an investigation:

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