Darrell Issa wants President Trump to stop tweeting

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Republican US Representative Darrell Issa speaks at a town hall meeting at a high school in San Juan Capistrano, California, June 3, 2017. (Photo credit should read Getty Images)

A Southern California Republican is urging the president to put down his phone and start concentrating on bringing jobs back to America. 

During a sometimes contentious town hall meeting over the weekend, Issa addressed several of the constituent's concerns including the US pulling out of the Paris Climate Change Accord, Obamacare repeal and its replacement and more. 

The congressman opened the town hall by saying he was "disappointed" in Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement saying, "The world's getting warmer. We know that," Issa said. 

Issa is of 16 Republicans who have signed on to the bipartisan Climate Change Solution Caucus that is supposed to address the causes, impacts and policy options on climate change. 

Trump's tweeting became a point of consternation for Issa. When asked about the president's predilection for early-morning missives, Issa said Trump should stop using social media and making people afraid. He said Trump should focus on getting people jobs and that tweeting is not what America's about.

While Issa got high marks from voters over his views on climate change, healthcare seemed to be another matter. Issa said the Republican replacement for Obamacare would give people options that the Affordable Care Act withheld. 

“One if the false assumptions in CBO is many people who are getting the Affordable Care right now also have employers who could and in many cases do provide – but they simply go to the Affordable Care Act because [they think] it has a lower premium for them.”

The raucous town hall follows Issa's closest re-election for his seat. In November, Issa barely beat Democrat Doug Applegate with a margin of 1,621 votes and 50.3 percent of the electorate making it the tightest federal race in the country. 

You can watch the full town hall courtesy of Issa's Facebook page below. 

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