GUEST: Jeff Forte

“Everything that has ever happened to you in your life is archived and part of your programming….what you may not know is that you have the power to take control of your emotions, and to upgrade your own programming”-Jeff Forte, Healing Your Emotional Life for Good.

Today on the Dr. Wendy Walsh Show, Jeff Forte joins the show and tells all about the self-healing process.

Forte is a leading expert in life success, interpersonal relationships, and marriage repair. He has authored The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle, The Accelerated Healing of Chronic Illness, Leadership Rising (in progress), and The Million Dollar Mindset audio program. Forte has also garnered success as an Executive and PEAK Performance Coach and founder of PEAK Results Coaching.

Along with his certification in Strategic Intervention and Marriage Education, Forte lends his expertise to clientele ranging from Fortune 500 Executives, Attorneys, Surgeons, and Professional Athletes.

His recent body of work, Healing Your Emotional Life for Good details everyone’s ability to change their negative emotions to good and shares a step by step guide to achieving this. Spend 5 minutes of your day integrating Forte’s method to your self-maintenance and see a positive change in your emotional well-being!

You can follow Jeff Forte on Twitter and Facebook.

For more information visit Peak Results Coaching.

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