Hack in a Dumpster - Sen. Ricardo Lara and the nurses from the CNA

Yesterday the California state senate approved SB 562, the plan for state-run healthcare.

They passed this thing and nobody knows how the hell to fund it!

What the hell is going on?! The bill comes from Sen. Ricardo "Cow Fart" Lara, who used a mob of nurses from the California Nurses Association (CNA) to push hard for it.

Democrats in California are so blinded by their insane causes, that they'll do whatever it takes to pass measures as ridiculous as this one.

$400 billion. That's how much it will cost. California is already pretty bad, but this legislation will really mess things up.

Lara and the nurses from the CNA get the dumpster! Svetlana, Ukrainians, Polish immigrants, Turkish bodyguards, pick them up one-by-one and throw them in the dumpster!

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