World's fattest boy loses weight after getting gastric sleeve operation

An 11-year-old boy, who weighed 420 pounds and was dubbed "the world's fattest boy," has had life-saving surgery.

Arya Permana, from Karawang in West Java, Indonesia was eating himself to death and could barely walk for more than 5 minutes at a time.

His parents were so concerned that he might die, that they had him get a gastric sleeve operation, a surgery that lasted 5 hours. Arya is the youngest person in the world to have this kind of surgery, and just one month later he's already dropped 70 pounds.

Surgeons expect him to shed another 220 pounds within 12 months. They called his operation "one of the toughest cases of obesity in the world."

Arya ate 5 meals a day consisting of fried chicken, rice, noodles, and chocolate ice cream.

A security guard who know the boy said:

"Every time he had two packets of noodles and two eggs. More than half a kilo of chicken and then there was rice. This could be four to six times a day. The saddest thing was watching Arya try to get up. He would get out of breath just walking five metres. We were very worried."

Arya's mom says she's responsible for his out of control weight:

"I am the one the most to blame. I regret it because it's my fault. I didn't control how much I fed him. I keep feeding Arya because I love my child."

Hopefully this kid can get healthy and live a good life. His parents are pretty gross to keep feeding him like that. He almost died for goodness sake!

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