Trump plans to ditch Paris Climate Agreement

President Trump is expected to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, according to two senior U.S. officials.

The decision has the rest of the world clutching their pearls! What will happen to the world if we ditch the Paris Climate Accord! 

The agreement was established during a 2015 conference in Paris, where every country in the world signed on. The only two countries who didn't sign were Syria and Nicaragua.

Countries that signed the accord agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but were given wide leeway in how much they planned to reduce them by.

Trump was supposed to make a decision on the accord earlier this month, but it was delayed because of the G7 meeting in Italy.  At the summit, the other world leaders there were "disgusted" with Trump's stance on climate change.

Nick Burns, who served as under secretary of state during George W. Bush's administration, is one of those clutching his pearls over the ordeal. He told CNN:

 "This would be a colossal mistake. It would also devastate our international credibility. We are one of the two largest carbon emitters, with China. We are the ones who put this deal together. It is the first step to try to do something about climate change. For President Trump to take us out, it is anti-science."

We say ditch the thing! Speaking of climate change, did you know people are actually losing sleep over it? Well, that's according to a goofy study. 

We're sleeping just fine, how about you?

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