Governor's goons harassing signature gatherers for Newman recall

From Carl DeMaio at our sister station KOGO-AM in San Diego:

Governor Jerry Brown and his political allies are using paid “goon squads” to harass citizens collecting signatures to stop the car and gas tax hikes.

Even worse, the Governor’s team is encouraging individuals to make false reports to local police departments!

The harassment is occurring in Orange County as phase 1 of the campaign to roll back the car and gas tax hikes is already under with the Recall Initiative filed against State Senator Josh Newman – the deciding vote in approving the car and gas tax hikes.

Over 63,500 signatures must be collected within a set time frame in order for the citizens to trigger a special election.

Official state campaign disclosure reports show Governor Brown’s political team has transferred $100,000 in the past week and has hired out-of-state “blockers” to target volunteer signature gatherers.

The blocking tactics include showing up in front of stores where people are gathering signatures and yelling at signature gatherers and anyone who shows interest in signing the petition.

Over Memorial Day weekend, “goon squads” of 6-8 people showed up at each store to square off against signature gatherers standing by themselves in front of the store.

Worse, as the social media post below proves, the Governor’s Goon Squads are actually encouraging call local police departments with phony tails of misconduct in an effort to get police to ask signature gatherers to leave stores and neighborhoods where they are walking door-to-door.

“If you have time today, please call your local police station (non-emergency line) and voice your concern over the harassing and over aggressive Recall Josh Newman petitions that you experience as you shop,” reads the post.

The only aggressive behavior at the stores is not coming from the little old lady collecting signatures to stop the gas tax hike by recalling Newman. The harassing and aggressive behavior is coming from the goon squads of blockers.

Since 1910, California citizens have held the cherished constitutional right of the initiative and recall to keep politicians in check. The Initiative and Recall process allows citizens to overturn decisions of politicians by forcing issues on the ballot for a public vote.

“Bullying and harassment should have no place in our democracy,” says Carl DeMaio who is helping lead the campaign against the gas tax.

“Governor Brown and his allies should be ashamed of this despicable tactic of harassing signature gatherers and campaign workers who are simply exercising their constitutional rights of initiative and recall,” continues DeMaio.

“Brown and his bullies are clearly afraid of the voters having a say on these tax hikes by placing the issue on the ballot,” notes DeMaio.

DeMaio and his campaign have redoubled their efforts to collect signatures and will be submitting the first batch signatures in the next week.

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