Firefighters Rescue Kitten In Santa Ana

If it wasn't for adorable little kittens getting stuck in cinder-block walls, how else would we all get to see the perfection of our local firefighters?  

Not that kittens getting stuck in life-threatening situations is a thing to root for, firefighters...

*little bit of drool falls out of mouth*

*focus, focus, get to the story*

Firefighters rescued a kitten that was stuck in a cinder-block wall in Santa Ana over the weekend.  It appears that the cat fell down a hole in the wall and got stuck near the bottom.

Firefighters used a rotary saw to cut into the wall and then used hammers to knock away nearby bricks.

The cat, which is believed to be a stray, was removed from the wall without injury and given to the owner of the wall, who was going to decide what to do with it.

Clearly, if you haven't managed to figure it out yet, this post is simply to celebrate the aesthetics of the firefighters and the adorableness of the kitten. 

Sorry, not sorry.

Read the full story at The Orange County Register

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