"Walking" Newborn Baby Freaks Out The Internet

Parents, think about when your baby first started walking.

It wasn't right after birth, right? Because THAT would be freaky.

Well, a Facebook video showing a newborn baby girl 'walking' has gone viral and has more than 86 MILLION views.

It comes out of a hospital in Brazil, and after the baby was born, as the hospital worker was trying to wash her, the little girl kept pushing herself against the workers arm to put herself in an upright position.

Then, the baby, leaning on the hospital workers arm, 'walks!'

When the hospital worker puts the baby back down, the baby PUSHES up on her front legs and resumes 'walking'.  

Hospital staff who say the 'walking' is part of a natural 'stepping' reflex that all babies do to some degree,  were clearly surprised at this particular newborn's talent and determination!

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