UC will no longer pay for regents' lavish meals

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The UC regents are a corrupt and foul bunch. Not only did they let Janet Napolitano off the hook for hiding $175 million and interfering with an audit, they pampered themselves for years with lavish meals all on the UC's dime.

But it looks like they'll have to brown bag it for their next meal because The University of California has announced that it will no longer pay for the meals of its governing members.

On Sunday the San Francisco Chronicle reported that UC President Janet Napolitano's office reimbursed regents for more than $225,000 in dinner parties since 2012. That includes $17,600 for a banquet held the night before the board voted to raise tuition.

How sick is that? While they gorged, college students and families got screwed.

The SF Chronicle has a timeline of their absurd meals:

  • January 2016: A $13,600 retirement party for regents Fred Ruiz and Paul Wachter at the Palace Hotel. The regents office initially said 86 people attended the dinner, which The Chronicle reported earlier this month. Last week, the office acknowledged that had been the number of people invited to the party, and that 60 attended. The cost per person was $227.
  • November 2014: An $8,800 dinner party thrown as the regents considered raising tuition by up to 28 percent over five years. The regents approved the tuition increase, which was later rescinded following negotiations between Napolitano and Gov. Jerry Brown.
  • March 2013: The regents hosted a $15,600 dinner even as former UC President Mark Yudof said at that month’s meeting that UC was “working to weather the financial crisis.”

Gov. Jerry Brown and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom are both regents. Brown hasn't commented on the dinner spending, but Newsom said:

“These things are unnecessary."

Adding that the $17,600 price tag for one banquet was "inappropriate."

Well then why didn't you speak up sooner and say something, Gavin?! You only comment after the fact?

What a bunch of slime running the UC system!

Read more at Fox News and the SF Chronicle.

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