#TastyTuesday Talks Avocados and Limited Time Treats

What's better than avocados?  Tiny avocados.

I know, I know.  That doesn't make any sense.  How could less avocado be better than more avocado?  

It is quite simple.  Tiny avocados are the perfect serving size for one person.

We've all been there.  We've all wanted avocado toast or a turkey sandwich with a little something extra, but all we had on hand was a full, baseball-sized avocado.  

So, we all went down the same destined-to-fail-path of cutting into a massive avocado that we knew we'd never finish during that meal.  Then, we lied to ourselves when we wrapped it up or sprayed it with lemon juice, telling ourselves that it would stay fresh until we needed it again.  But, you guessed it, it was brown by the next day.

Never again, not with tiny avocados.  

These lemon-sized things of perfection work perfect for any meal and never put you in the the sticky, no-win situation of trying to store one away for the next day.

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Tired of all this Guardians of the Galaxy talk?  Well, too bad 'cause we're talking about it again.  

This time, though, we're just hitting on it to make sure you are aware of the amazing limited time menu that is now available at Disney California Adventure.  The Summer of Heroes is bringing you a variety of Marvel events and specials, as well as some amazing food items.

The items are all over the park, at restaurants like Award Wieners, Schmoozies, Bifrosties, Cosmic Canteen, Studio Catering Co., and Fairfax Market.

Want bread shaped like Groot?  They have it.

Want a Rocket Fuel smoothie?  They have that, too.

Brave enough to try The Most Dangerous Tacos in the Galaxy?  Head on over and find out!

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