Mexican sewage wreaking havoc on border patrol agents

Credit: Getty Images

An ongoing sewage spill in Mexico has sent border patrol agents to the hospital with festering rashes, and Navy SEALs have also been forced to change their training.

One agent likened the flow of poo sludge to a "chemical weapons" attack that is so bad there are "no-go" zones for the Border Patrol, hindering their efforts to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs.

Mexican officials reported a suicide attempt at a pump station in Tijuana last week, which forced the facility to shut down. The suicide was averted but the shutdown caused sewage to make its way into the Tijuana River.

Border Patrol Agent Christopher Harris told the Washington Times:

“As crude and nasty as this sounds, this is not American sewage, this is Third World sewage."

Harris added that the sewage picks up all kinds of junk with it, such as:

  • Chemical pollutants
  • Heavy metals
  • Poisonous salts

The sewage "no-go" zones don't necessarily stop illegals from crossing. Harris recalled one time he caught two people covered with black oily mud, which splashed onto his arm:

“Literally within seconds I had this giant rash growing on my arm...A real big fear for the union is that our guys down the road will suffer from some kind of diseases or genetic changes, or cancer, or whatever."

Sounds disgusting.

Read more at the Washington Times.

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