Sen. Josh Newman calls recall effort "a wasteful game"

Senator Josh Newman

On 6/13 we'll be back in Orange County working to recall State Senator Josh Newman.

If we can pick him off, it will make it harder for California democrats to pass their egregious tax hikes. After that the next step is to work to repeal the gas and the car tax.

Newman has finally responded to the recall effort with a piece in The Fullerton Observer:

"Only in the current polarized and distorted political environment could people claim, with a straight face, to be protecting your tax money at the very same time they’re wasting more of it for ulterior motives.  At its core, that’s exactly what the current signature-gathering campaign being led by two shop-worn right-wing talk radio “shock jocks” and an underachieving politician from San Diego is all about.  When they say they care about your pocketbook, ask them why they’d waste $2.5 million on a recall petition rather than put 34 more teachers in our schools, 16 more firefighters in our communities, or 13 more cops on our streets..."

He's goes on to say a lot more, click here to keep reading at The Fullerton Observer.

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