How to deal with Trump stress: Dance, garden, do yoga, build an altar at your cubicle

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Trump got you stressed? You're not alone, apparently. A story from the L.A. Times details the weary activists who are so afraid of Trump that the meet in groups to talk about their anxieties.

Victor Narro, a "longtime community organizer," leads workshops and webinars helping people unwind. He tells them to:

"Unplug, garden, hike, dance, volunteer, build altars at their cubicles and look at photos that bring them joy."

Build altars?

He teaches them to slow down and breathe deeply. He has them stretch, close their eyes, and meditate.

Narro says of Trump:

“He wants to make you angry. He wants you to lose focus. But we’re not going to let that happen.”

One of the people in Narro's group is so upset, he once had a dream that Trump attacked his brother, so he fought the President:

“Then suddenly, I realized, I’m beating up a 70-year-old man. And what did it do for me? Nothing."

Narro then said:

“Send him positive energy. You never know, it might make a difference.”

This kind of stuff isn't just happening in Los Angeles. USA Today writes that more and more people are taking up yoga across the country since Trump was elected.

Just breathe, everyone. You'll be okay.

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