Heroic mom saves herself and her two children from their burning home

A Ladera Heights mother woke up at 1am to an inferno of smoke. She immediately woke up her eight-year-old twins and desperately tried to find a way out.

When she could not find an escape she began punching out the window with her bare hands. She tore out the screen and threw down her comforter to protect her children from the glass. She leaned her twins out the window as far as she could and then dropped them onto the ground below. 

The children were unscathed except for a few minor abrasions. Their mom, Carla Langley, had large cuts on her hand but she only needed about a dozen stitches. 

It began downstairs and spread to the second floor. By the time firefighters from three separate agencies responded, the entire structure was "fully involved" in flames, he said.

"I'm not a hero; I'm just a mom," said Langley told KTLA. "Immediately I grabbed my daughter, leaned as far as I could and I let her go. She fell on her stomach and then I grabbed Hunter and did the same thing. I can't imagine dying in smoke and not doing anything about it. I was like 'I'm not going out like this.' I will do anything for my family and I did."

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