Dana Delany rocketed to fame on China Beach, landed on People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People issue TWICE, both in 1991 and 2011 (and she comments on how ridiculous that whole thing is on some level). Dana has starred in some of the highest profile movie and television projects of the last 25 years. Promoting those projects, the randomness of events associated with decisions on what projects to take on and and be part of is something Dana talks about. 

The group talks about Dana’s trip to Vietnam during the time she’s starring in China Beach, a television show about the Vietnam war. And Mark mentions that he’s just returned from a trip there but the group makes fun of him and his trip. We get to the insane, hormonal shoot that was TOMBSTONE. Plus, she also gets into the film EXIT TO EDEN directed by Garry Marshall in which she starred. 

The episode begins with THE FAST 15: POLITICS AND MORE with Michael Shure, who has just returned from 2 weeks covering Washington in Washington DC. Shure isn’t bothered by Trump pushing his way past other NATO leaders for a photo opp. He IS bothered by Jared Kushner’s back channel attempt to communicate with the Russians BEFORE the incoming administration is in power and Jared’s lying on the disclosure form about his Russian meetings at Trump Tower. Finally, Michael makes a pitch for the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. Heather Ankeny and Josh Weinstein join Mark Thompson for the conversation with Dana Delany.