Kung Fu Master sets world record pulling helicopter with his penis

A Kung Fu master has set a new world record by tugging a helicopter with his penis, farther than any human being ever has in the history of the planet.

Hundreds watched as Ye Hongwei towed the mighty military helicopter with a rope tied around his genitals.

Ye was able to pull the aircraft 32 feet and 9 inches, beating his intended distance of 26 feet and 3 inches. That's a whole lotta penis pulling!

After the incredible feat, Ye was gifted his world record certificate by officials representing The World Record Academy.

Ye said:

 "I don't know why I struggled in the beginning. I felt a bit nervous and unsure. But I mustered up the energy needed and started the helicopter moving."

He added:

"I will continue practicing so I can break new records in the future."

Read more at The Mirror UK.

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