Promposals Getting Out of Hand in Santa Monica


That word has police in Santa Monica decrying the so-called phenomenon of "Promposals" which they say are getting out of hand. 

Park rangers in the Santa Monica mountains discovered that someone had written the word "PROM?" with a question mark on a rock on the famous trails - an ill-placed romantic message presumably meant for someone that knows who's asking.

It's the second year in a row that the word has appeared in the same spot - which means, either this person just hasn't gotten the hint, or, the rock has become a target for bored high school students that can't come up with a better way to ask their crush out to the prom. 

While officials aren't looking to turn Santa Monica into that town from Footloose, they say damaging public land to get a date for prom is not OK. 

If found, the person responsible for the graffiti could face charges. Anyone with information on the "promposal" is asked to contact the recreation area's dispatch line at (661) 723-3620

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