Success From Fear

Jane Wells recently did a piece for CNBC about a Texas businessman who is making big bucks off of the fear others have about the state of the world.

Clyde Scott has had a very successful business for many years building underground storm shelters.

During President Obama's administration, he started to get requests to build bigger, underground bunkers for mostly conservative customers who were terrified that President Obama was going to seize their guns and property.

So, you figure that once Obama left office,  business at his company, Rising S Company, would have suffered, right? 


Clyde says that ever since President Trump was elected, that business is booming, he says it's up as much as 500-700% in just a month!

But the majority of customers this time are a little different.  They're liberals (largely from California and New York) that are terrified that President Trump will start World War III.

According to Jane's CNBC piece:

"The most popular bunker he sells measures 500 square feet and costs $125,000.  It's set 11 feet underground and topped by four feet of dirt and one foot of concrete.  Inside are bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, pantry, along with an air filtration system, solar power, hidden doors, reinforces locks, and water purifiers that connect to an underground tank.  Everything is off he grid, and everything is made from stainless steel."

But he's receiving requests for more luxurious models some in the thousands of square feet with requests for lap pools, gun rooms, etc.  These can run in the millions of dollars!

Rumor has it that he's working on a $10 million underground shelter for a popular celebrity. (Hmmmm.... Kanye & Kim? The whole Kardashian clan? Tom Cruise?)

Check out Bill's segment with Jane Wells. 

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