Stroller for 7-year-old with special needs stolen from father's car in Pomona

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Some things you understand why they get stolen. High end cars. Big screen TVs. Game consoles, computers, money, jewelry... All these are things you understand why people steal. 

But a special needs child's custom-made stroller? Come on. 

Pomona police are asking for the public's help after someone stole a custom-made $3,500 stroller that was being used by a 7-year-old with special needs. 

The boy's father, 38-year-old Joseph DeLeon, parked his vehicle near his family's house overnight. According to Pomona police, in the truck was his 7-year-old's special needs stroller. 

"When he (DeLeon) returned to his vehicle, he found his vehicle had been burglarized and his son's $3500 special needs stroller had been taken.''

The stroller is a custom-made Convaid special needs stroller and was stolen from the 200 block of East Magnolia Street sometime between 10 pm and 10 am on May 12. The Convaid Cruiser stroller has the serial number CX14-05103. 

Anyone with information regarding this incident are encouraged to contact Detective Travis Johnson at 909 620-2085.

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