Detonator, Shrapnel, Battery found at Manchester bombing scene

It looks like the Manchester bomber carried his powerful explosive in a lightweight metal container, hidden either within a vest or a blue Karrimor backpack.

He held a small detonator in his left hand, according to early information gathered by British authorities.

A first look at the bomb based on photographs and evidence collected at the scene doesn't give us an idea of how big it was, but it does tell us that bomber Salman Abedi carefully planned its design.

The makeshift shrapnel of nuts and screws, which was carefully and evenly packed, penetrated doors and left deep scuffs in brick walls.

An explosive technician who examined the images said it's more likely that the explosive charge was in a backpack, rather than in a vest.

Authorities found a Yuasa 12-volt, 2.1 amp lead acid battery at the scene, which is more powerful than batteries often found in backpack bombs or suicide vests.

What an absolute coward.

See more of the pictures, and read more at the New York Times.

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