And now, Bill Handel presents: A dramatic reading of President Trump's call with Philippines President Duterte

Last month, President Donald Trump and the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte spoke over the phone. Both Democrats and Republicans criticized the call between the two leaders, after Trump invited the man who has vowed to "crush criminality" by killing tens of thousands of criminals. 

Glenn Greenwald's blog, The Intercept managed to get their hands on the transcript of the call between the two controversial leaders that the White House called a "very friendly conversation." The transcipt has been verified as an "official document of the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs" which means it's about as real as it gets. 

And while it's pretty impressive they managed to get their hands on the transcript, the Bill Handel Show did one better. We present to you, a dramatic reading of the call between President Donald Trump, and Philippines President Duterte. 

Crazy, right?!? 

Read the full transcript for yourself here

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