O.C. Supervisor Todd Spitzer Wants Federal Oversight of District Attorney's Office

Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer has sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the Orange County District Attorney's Office. The DA's office has been rocked by a series of allegations about the misuse of jailhouse informants, and was recently the focus of a "60 Minutes" report that aired on Sunday. 

The letter - which Spitzer wrote on his official stationery - said the Orange County Supervisor was "writing solely on my personal behalf, not for the county or the Board of Supervisors." 

Spitzer cited the "60 Minutes" report in his letter saying that the OC DA Tony Rackauckas had "contradicted himself and the members of a blue-ribbon panel he convened to investigate his office." 

"Tony Rackauckas continues to argue that everybody investigating the  wrongdoings in his office are not trustworthy,'' Spitzer wrote. "Mr. Attorney  General, Tony Rackauckas cannot be trusted.''

Michelle Van Der Linden, a spokeswoman for Rackauckas, says Spitzer (who was fired by Rackaucus back in 2010), is using his office to "campaign for district attorney, "a position he so deperately covets." 

Van Der Linden says Spitzer is simply slandering prosecutors and the OCDA to help fuel his ambition and try to create the appearance of credibility. 

Todd Spitzer joined Bill Handel this morning to talk about his letter to AG Jeff Sessions. Listen to it here.

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