Murder suspect who used big penis defense gets off

(Richard Henry Patterson - Broward County Sheriff’s Office)

Well we didn't think it would happen, but it happened. The Florida man who claimed his girlfriend choked to death during oral sex was found not guilty of second-degree murder yesterday.

65-year-old Richard Patterson was acquitted of killing his 60-year-old girlfriend Francisca Marquinez after a week-long trial.

During the trial his lawyers argued that Marquinez choked on Patterson's big wang while performing oral sex on him at his apartment. 

Patterson's lawyers even wanted him to present his penis to the jury to prove, but the judge never ruled on the request.

There was even debate over whether or not Patterson needed to be erect when he displayed his member.

After a medical expert testified that choking during oral sex was unlikely, the defense decided not to go with the theory.

Patterson's defense lawyer Ken Padowitz said:

“That’s not the way she died. But that’s the way Richard Patterson thought she died.”

The defense then argued that there was simply no way of knowing how Marquinez died. Medical examiners never determined the cause of death because her body was too decomposed.

The jury spent 5 hours deliberating before they reached their verdict. If Patterson had been convicted, he would've gotten life in prison.

He got off, big time.

Read more at the New York Post.

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