David Garrow, author of RISING STAR: The Making of Barack Obama

We've got a great new read for you! It's Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obamaand today we're going to talk to its author David Garrow.

Here's a bit of what it's about:

"Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama captivatingly describes Barack Obama's tumultuous upbringing as a young black man attending an almost-all-white, elite private school in Honolulu while being raised almost exclusively by his white grandparents. After recounting Obama's college years in California and New York, Garrow charts Obama's time as a Chicago community organizer, working in some of the city's roughest neighborhoods; his years at the top of his Harvard Law School class; and his return to Chicago, where Obama honed his skills as a hard-knuckled politician, first in the state legislature and then as a candidate for the United States Senate."

It's a BIG book. So head on over to Amazon, get your copy, get comfortable, and enjoy!

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