California's new marijuana law sending pot convictions up in smoke

Photo Credit: Getty Images

California's Reefer Madness when it comes to pot convictions is finally going up in smoke. 

Thanks to the state's new marijuana law that legalizes the recreational use of marijuana, thousands of people who have been convicted of marijuana crimes have asked to have their records reduced.

Thanks to a provision in Proposition 64, some felonies related to pot convictions can be reduced to misdemeanors, and some criminals records can even be wiped clean. 

At least 2,500 sentence reduction requests have been filed through March according to a report from ABC7. The states do not release the results of those requests, but according to ABC 7, prosecutors haven't fought most petitions. 

Californians legalized the recreational use of Marijuana with Proposition 64 during last November's election. Residents in the state are now allowed to grow and use marijuana for personal use, while sales and taxation of the controversial drug will go into effect on January 1st, 2018. California joins states like Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts, and Alaska who have also legalized recreational marijuana. 

Twenty six states, and the District of Columbia have laws that broadly legalize marijuana in some form.

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