Ex-Sheriff Internal Affairs Boss Sentenced

A former head of an L.A. County Sheriff's Department internal affairs squad has been sentenced to 9 months in prison - for his role in the obstruction of justice conspiracy that's also sent the former Sheriff and former under sheriff to prison.

William "Tom" Carey, who pleaded guilty in August, 2015 to a making false statements during a deputy's corruption trial, testified at Baca's trial and federal prosecutors said he deserved credit for his cooperation.

Carey was once in charge of the Sheriff's Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau ("ICIB") that was supposed to probe criminal wrongdoing by deputies. 

Instead, under Baca and Tanaka's watch, its investigators were used to cover up crimes, intimidate witnesses, and interfere with a Federal grand jury investigation of civil rights abuses inside County jails. 

Tanaka is now serving a five year term at a federal prison in Colorado. 

Baca was sentenced to three years and was ordered to surrender in July. 

Both men have said they're appealing their convictions.

Photo Credit: LASD

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