Elephant crushes and kills big game hunter

(Theunis Botha - Facebook)

A trophy winning big game hunter died in Zimbabwe on Friday, when an elephant fell on him and crushed him.

His group went for an afternoon walk near Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park when three elephants stormed them. A fourth elephant came at them from the side, and that's when one of the member's shot it. 

The animal grabbed 51-year-old Theunis Botha with its trunk, and then collapsed and fell on him.

Botha was apparently unaware that he approached the herd. A spokesperson for the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said he was visiting on a 10-day licensed hunt.

He specialized in hunting leopards with hounds. His company, Game Hounds Safaris, said in a statement that Botha pioneered the hunts using packs of dogs in Africa.

Why is trophy hunting even still allowed? Just leave the animals alone. 

Crushed by an elephant, now that's one hell of a way to go. 

Isn't that how Chuckles the Clown went?

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