Delegates walk out of Tony Villar's speech at CA Democrats Convention

On Saturday California democrats held their convention up in Sacramento, and who was one of the big speakers? Tony Villar!

Villar, who's running for Governor on 2018, called on California to lead the resistance against Trump. Hey, isn't that Kevin De León's gimmick?

He said:

"We’re here today to fight for the soul of our party and our most cherished values. Standing up to Trump takes more than talk and tweets. It takes action.”

He also scolded democrats, saying they need to focus more on people who take the bus, and less on people who drive Teslas. 

Villar spoke just after the candidates for state party chairperson gave their speeches, and the tired crowd got up and made their way for the doors during his speech.

The L.A. Times says the noise from the delegates trying to leave was so noisy that it made it hard to hear Villar.

He wrapped up by saying:

“My time is up, but I ask you to support a candidate who has been in the trenches his whole life, fighting for working people.”

Sorry, Tony. Nobody likes you.

Read more at the L.A. Times.

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