The LAPD has collected more than 750 guns from its latest buyback event

Rifles, assault weapons and even a rocket launcher were among the guns that the LAPD collected during its latest buyback event. 

Chief Charlie Beck says the program helps remove dangerous guns from the streets. "These 758 guns are joined by the over 1,300 guns that have been recovered by Los Angeles police officers so far this year to date."

People turned over a variety of weapons last Saturday in which they received Target gift cards worth up to $200. The event was held at two separate locations in Los Angeles in which people could sell their guns to the city anonymously. Those who turned in handguns, shotguns and rifles were rewarded with a $100 gift card from Target, while people who turned in assault rifles received gift cards worth $200. 

Mayor Eric Garcetti says he believes the program does a lot to cut down on shootings. 

"I don't care if it's only one of these guns that would've been [used] in a suicide or homicide. Even one, makes this entire thing worth it."

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